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Welcome to Victory Fire Acres

image of black rabbit with silver pinning laying in green grass in a chicken wire pen.

Suburban Homestead and Rabbitry

Hello! My name is Tori and I run Victory Fire Acres. We landed on a small plot in Severna Park, MD August of 2020 and I have been endeavoring to make it my own. I am a former Air Force photojournalist and system administrator. After leaving active duty I discovered my love for growing while trying my hand at tomatoes and flowers. After moving a few times we came to Maryland. I found the Silver Fox Rabbits and fell in love with the glamorous looks and docile manner of the breed. I hope to share my experience and spread knowledge while giving more access to the silver fox rabbit breed and local food.

Silver Fox Rabbit Kits Coming Soon

Check the Kits page for upcoming and available litters before making reservations


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